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Is your company looking to carry a line of Ultra-Violet LED flashlights? We offer some of the finest cutting edge UV flashlights on the market.

The new Blaze 5185 flashlight offers 51 individual 385 nM UV LEDs which makes it one of the largest LED flashlights on the market. They just don't make them bigger than this with this wavelength. Unlike the higher wave length 400 nM versions that come with a strong visible purple light, this one puts out less visible light making inspections more accurate and easier. The reason the wave length makes a difference is the ultraviolet light it produces is set at a wavelength that maximizes the florescence while looking for urine deposits. Don't be fooled by the excess light that other UV lights put out because UV is invisible. The light that it produces that you can see does not make an object stand out more; rather it only makes seeing the urine deposits less visible. All of this packed in a light weight brushed aluminum body weighing in at just 10 ounces. This flashlight runs on just 3 AA batteries. The LED bulbs are rated at 100,000 hours of use. No where can you find a better flashlight at a price that makes it affordable to have one for every technician in the field.

With any type of ultra violet light it is always recommended to use UV protective eye wear. We recommend using our Blaze amber safety goggles with any UV light. They will keep your eyes safe from the UV rays and they help make the deposits illuminate better. Don't use ultraviolet without them we are only given one set of eyes and they are worth protecting!